Featured Photographer: QT Luong

As part of our 2012 National Park Week highlights, visit our three-part feature on photographer QT Luong:

While planning the MapQuest National Parks content series, we wanted to be certain to capture the unique visual beauty that each national park showcases to its visitors.

QT Luong, terragalleria.com
QT Luong in Great Kobuk Sand Dunes

Our search led us to adventure and travel photographer QT Luong of Terra Galleria Photography.  Immediately, we found ourselves browsing his extensive galleries that capture all of the national parks in incredible detail and beauty.  With his help, we selected amazing images to serve as the feature photos for each of the 58 national parks.

After completing his PhD at the University of Paris, he wanted to spend a couple of years in the United States.  As an avid mountaineer and climber at the time, he had heard stories from other climbers about Yosemite National Park.  In 1993, he arrived at the University of California at Berkeley – since it was the top US research university closest to Yosemite.

Soon, he developed a love for the entire national park system and set his sights on becoming the first individual to photograph each of the 58 national parks with a large format camera.  His journey included carrying his photography equipment and outdoor gear up high mountain peaks, across lakes and rivers, and over glaciers and lava fields.  In 2002, in the Great Kobuk Sand Dunes north of the Arctic Circle, QT Luong became the first person to complete such a monumental project. Since then, his reputation as today’s leading photographer of America’s national parks has continued to grow

QT Luong’s work has appeared in more than thirty countries all over the world, in hundreds of publications, film, television, and solo exhibits.  He was featured by Ken Burns in the 2009 PBS film The National Parks: America’s Best Idea. One of his most recognized photos, a large format photo of Yosemite Valley with sunset lighting the peaks over fog in the valley, serves as the cover art for the film and appeared on the home page of the National Park Service website for more than a year.

Explore the rest of QT Luong’s amazing photography on his website, http://terragalleria.com.